Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting in Texas at F. E. Hill Outfitters

Duck Hunting in Texas at F. E. Hill Outfitters is an opportunity to fill a mixed bag of dabbling and diving ducks; teal, mallards, widgeon, wood ducks, gadwalls, spoon bills, pintail, red heads, buffalo heads, ring bills, canvas backs, and hooded mergansers. Located on a prime 4,500 acre central fly zone for duck hunting here in Texas that is a target rich environment. F. E. Hill Outfitters is a Mecca for Trophy Duck Hunters wishing to take a bird to add to their collection and we have a great Taxidermist that specializes in bird mounts here in Fairfield, Texas. Be sure to ask us for the details.

Dotted with natural ponds we try to keep our landscape as natural as possible. You typically will hunt on the edge of our duck ponds not likely to be hunting out of blinds.  Waders are a MUST along with warm camo jackets and face masks or face paint. A fully guided Duck Hunt is provided for your convenience and success. We have really good duck guides and will rely on them to make the call on legal shooting light and when ducks are in range to shoot so we can be sure you have the highest harvest rates available for the conditions. If you choose, your dog is welcome to participate on the duck hunt only if they have a good handle by the owner, training is not recommended as it will reduce our success rates on your duck hunting trip. Morning duck hunts are usually the best and most successful though we can do some evening hunts if the situation and conditions presents itself.

Typical Duck Hunting Day at Hunt F E Hill Ranch

Each morning will start with a light continental breakfast before the hunt then a brunch style meal after the duck hunt, all inclusive, overnight guests will receive a nightly dinner.

What to bring on your Texas duck hunt

Recommended must-have Duck Hunting items are warm water-proof boots, waders, water-proof jacket, face mask and or face paint and be sure to bring your favorite shot gun of choice.

Transportation to Hunt FE Hill Ranch

We rely on duck hunting guests to provide their own transportation to and from the ranch.  Closest airport is Dallas DFW and Dallas Love Field. Contact Us for more details on your duck hunting trip and directions to the ranch.

Duck Hunting Season, Rates and Licensing

All-inclusive Hunts $500.00 per hunter or $350.00 per hunter per hunt

North Zone

Zone Map

Dates for 2022/2023 finalized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Regular Season:

Nov. 12 – 27, 2022
Dec. 3, 2022 – Jan. 29, 2023

Early Teal Season: Dates Pending

Duck Daily Bag Limit with Gun: 6 in the aggregate.

Including no more than: 5 mallards (only two may be hens), 3 wood ducks, 1 scaup, 2 redheads, 1 pintail, 2 canvasback, and 1 “dusky” duck (Mottled duck, Mexican like duck, black duck and their hybrids). For all other species not listed, the bag limit shall be 6. The season for “dusky” ducks is closed the first five days of the season in each zone.

Merganser Daily Bag Limit: 6 in the aggregate

Coot Daily Bag Limit: 15 birds

Possession Limit with Gun: Three times the daily bag limit

Deposit: $100 per hunter to schedule your hunt

Duck Hunting Pictures

Duck Hunting
Texas Duck Hunting